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    navvis technology
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industrial surveying


Millimeters and sub-millimeters are decisive in the alignment of crane tracks or in the erection of high-bay warehouses. We check the most complicated of geometries with a high degree of precision.

Vokal+Partner stands for reliable metrology and flawless measuring services.
We will support you with our surveying services from planning and evaluation of production processes, the assessment of whether standards and tolerances have been complied with right through to quality assurance.

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bim & fm


Keep an eye on the overall situation with our Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Facility Management (FM).

We collate all information on your building design, your real estate or your plants to give you a clear view of your data. In doing so, we create the ideal conditions for the rational management of your information and for the development of intelligent 3D models and applications with user-friendly interfaces for checking on compliance with standards and tolerances and for quality assurance measures.

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3d models & laser scanning


Whether complete buildings or individual rooms, whether facades, piping or traffic facilities: we carry out ultra-precise measurements using the latest data collection technologies.

We produce three-dimensional complete pictures using 3D laser scanners and laser tracking. Millions of individual, precisely captured points form a point cloud which we convert into 3D models for our customers and create photo-realistic live views using appropriate software.

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.